Favorite trips, travel with us here!
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  • 2626-0908Private Group Tour Hotline
  • 9331-3350
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  • Company Profile

    Favorite Travel (ILoveTravel.hk) to operate ticketing and organize outbound passengers as the main business, including tour groups, self-parade, local tours, booking air tickets and hotels, private and corporate packages, agency visas and travel insurance, and sales of theme park tickets. Its Guangdong short-distance and China long-distance tour groups have been well received by customers.


    In addition to having specific hotlines to handle customers' enquiries about travel and tours details, we also provide WhatsApp and Facebook private-message functions, in order to responds in real time!



    Our Vision and Business Focus

    Favorite Travel visions to become a multi-functional travel agency oriented to customer value.


    Favorite trips, travel with us here!